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Firearms Training


Gun Safety Theory

Core Gun Safety Rules

Unloading And Inspecting Handguns

Children And Gun Safety

Firearm Storage

Substance-Secret-Other People

Basic Weapon Handling

Firing Stance


Proper Grip

Firearm & Ammo Basics

Revolver Overview

Semi-Auto Overview

Comparing Semi-Autos To Revolvers

FMJ's & Hollow Points

Considerations In Purchasing A Weapon

Introduction To Reloading

21 Tips, Tactics, & Techniques

Shooting Tips, Tactics, & Techniques Introduction

Proper Trigger Finger Placement

Trigger Reset

The Use of Snap Caps

Trigger Press

How To Practice From Home

Intro-How To Grip Your Handgun

Limp Wristing

How To Properly Grip Your Handgun

Flashlight Tactics

Becoming One With Your LX400

Alternative Options

Flashlight Placement/Reloading

FBI Technique (Indoor/Outdoor)

Harries Hold (Indoor/Outdoor)

Neck Index Technique (Indoor/Outdoor)

Surefire/Syringe Technique (Indoor/Outdoor)

*Bonus* - Rifle Technique